Powerful Productivity Technique

Just a quick video post for today.

The essence of personal finance is not to spend more than you earn. But although saving is probably the more popular topic, the surest way to accomplish that is to ear more.

And although we can't guarantee that we'll earn more, being productive is still the best way to get on the path to earning more.

And in this 6 minute video, author Ben Angel shares with us a technique to makes us very productive.

You may have noticed that this is basically about building a good habit. Like what I've touched on previously - On Building Good Habits, and The Comprehensive Guide To Breaking Bad Habits And Making Good Habits Last For Good.

I guess that partly explains why successful people keep trying to strive for more, while a less accomplished ones may keep "phoning it in" so to speak. They may be locked into habits, one just happens to be better for their wealth.

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