Not my GC. But apparently no one's ever taken a picture of Landmark GC.

A while ago I got a Landmark GC and was going to spend it in - well, the only place I could spend it in.

As commonly happens, the things you want don't exactly have the same value as your GC. And so years ago, most people would opt for something that's priced slightly higher than the GC. That way you get the "full worth" of the GC.

Even if you really wanted something else, it felt like a waste to opt for something priced lower than the GC and just forgo the sukli.

But that's not really the case anymore. GCs aren't allowed to expire anymore and the store must allow you to keep and spend the sukli as well.

In practice though, it takes some diligence to make this happen.

When I did use (or maybe re-use is the more accurate term here) my GC, I'd sometimes hear from the cashier that my GC was already used. Or get asked incredulously if I wanted to keep the GC - as if it would just be a souvenir; even though there was still Php10 left in it.

It's not totally the cashier's fault. They could have been new and just not familiar with the process. I can understand, though that doesn't mean I should just throw away portions of my hard earned money.

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