Balai Pabango

Balai Pabango
A few days ago I was on my home but got really hungry. Fortunately enough, I passed by a Balai Pan de Sal branch and so I went in and immediately tried to choose which one of their breads to buy.

Then a guy in white polo (and a tie?) comes in and declares "green belt giveaways". He starts spraying a sample on the store personnel's wrists (both of whom were women), who get excited.

My initial thoughts was - I can't choose between the spanish bread (my usual go-to) or ensaymada, which looked very tempting at that time. And then it occurred to me: greenbelt was a bit far from here.

Meanwhile, the women's excitement was tempered a bit as the guy announced "350 lang". As you might have guessed, they laughingly replied "Si sir naman, akala namin libre!"

At that point, I thought to myself: Would my wife like the cheesebread or the cheddar cheese ensaymada? And then I realized: I assumed this guy was some salesman and was relieved he had ignored me.

Apparently the store people thought hes was going to give away free stuff as he had declared in his blitzy entrance. But at this point, it's also apparent to me that the store personnel know this guy somehow, and he isn't just some random non-customer.

The guy goes on to explain that it's 90% marked down. Tomorrow it would be 6k (or 3k; up to now I'm not sure if he understated the discount by a few percentage points or if I was just paying too much attention to the four breads in my hand).

A little salestalk/convincing later - "ngayon lang 350. bukas 6k na. Sayang to" - the women buy 3 bottles of perfume (one apparently was for a husband). The guy tries to sell more ("tig isa lang kayo?") but to no avail.

I pay for the spanish bread, ensaymada, cheesebread, and cheddar cheese ensaymada and happily go on my way.

I'd think about this little blip of an occurrence later. And I'd even write about it.

I'd ponder if the perfumes were truly 90+% marked down or nice imitations. I'd think about writing and pontificating on the wisdom of buying Php350 perfumes by people who I assume make only slightly more than that per day.

But in the end, what does a guy who shopped on an empty stomach and bought a bunch of bread have to say?

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photo credit: Midnight snacks via photopin (license)

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