What happened to my 800?

What happened to my 800?
A while back, I wrote about what I did with my 6k windfall.

It wasn't a big amount, and I didn't do anything nobody could do. But with additional hard work (ok, not that hard, but still...) that 800 I used to pay for a list of paying survey sites became ~10,550 after three and a half years. (If you want to try it, no need to pay just head over to my post on paid survey sites)

Not bad right? Specially considering that even if I had spent the rest of the 6k (I saved it), I would still have "grown" the original 6k.

But of course, that wasn't passive. I actually had to spend a lot of time answering surveys. And some gave gift checks, not cash. And no one actually gave out physical cash, it was through PayPal.

So my options are kinda limited for "growing" it further.

But I still could, though. Last February I paid for the flowers through Paypal, and spent GCs on the stuff I would've paid for - and saved the cash instead.

So I've got about ~2k in saved cash that I could use. What do I use it on, though?

Well, I'm increasingly getting attracted to getting a retailer sim (for loading prepaid sims), since my wife is still using prepaid and sometimes I do get asked to share load. I don't mind, but with a retailer sim even if she's the lone customer we're effectively saving on her load.

Of course, there might be other options out there; I just have to look for them.

So why did you have to suffer once again from my babbling?

Well, I guess it's just kinda important to keep track of "growing" your money. If you really have no time, you could invest in a time deposit / certificate of deposit and let the interest compound. Or put it in a low-risk UITF or MF.

But most of all, try to keep in mind not to just spend all of it on things that won't grow in value or give you returns in the future.

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