On Building Good Habits

Do you believe that life is a series of decisions?

I know that sounds a little too philosophical for a small, random blog. But it's easy to believe so, isn't it?

Everyday we make a lot of  small and big decisions. What shirt to wear, which route to work to take, what to eat... and most relevant to this blog, even what/when/how we spend our money.

If you really think about all the decisions you have to make during the day, you might be exhausted just from cataloging them. But the really interesting thing is that when you make those decisions, you aren't thinking at all.

To be more specific, the actions you decide to take are based on habits and not conscious decisions at all. Studies show that around 40% of the things we do, we do simply because we got used to doing them.

Habits are powerful. We could be living half our lives on autopilot. Worse, we could be doing so without really deciding that the "flight plan" is really what we want.

Having trouble saving? Or sticking to your diet? Wishing for more time in the day, and yet keep realizing you've spent too much time browsing online?

A lot of that can probably be traced to habits we formed. But how do you create new, good habits? Or break bad ones? I've touched on that topic before, but this time it's better to hear it from Charles Duhigg - author of the best selling book The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

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