Random Entrep Tales

Rags to riches stories are always very popular. But personally, I like the freelancer/own-business stories just as well.

In fact one of the reasons why I thought about possibly pursuing a taxi business is because of stories from drivers who owned their own taxi.

5 Things you Must Teach your Child about Money

For a lot of parents, teaching their kids good money habits is probably something they at least think about. I know I'm worrying about it. And today we have guest blogger Kyle Kam with some tips on how to do it.


Every parent should realize the importance of teaching kids about money while they are young. By doing so, parents can help their offspring establish good financial habits they can find useful later in life. This could be quite a challenge, but knowing the benefits it could bring in the future is very much worth the effort, plus the fact that parents can also learn and be more responsible in the process.