That's weird

I've previously blogged about rebate credit cards. And you may know that I've got a Landmark Anson's card from RCBC.

And if you've ever used a credit card, you would know that the bank name on the credit card slip isn't always the same as the issuer of your credit card. It depends on which terminal they swiped your card.

So I was buying groceries a few weeks ago and the cashier asked me if it was ok to swipe it at a different terminal since the RCBC one was offline. I said sure. I mean, it made no difference and I though it was weird that they even asked. I thought maybe it was some sort of customer care SOP.

Then it happened two more times. The last time, I finally got curious and said, "Ok. Wala namang iba pag ganun no?"

To my surprise, the cashier said no there wasn't - except that I wouldn't get my rebates.

And that's just weird, right? I mean, once the transaction is sent, they (the bank; RCBC in this case) would know which merchant it is and which card I used. So giving me my rebates could very well be handled by them in the "backend" (IT speak; usually meaning outside or without user interaction).

But apparently that's not the case. So I know I'm a little worried about offline terminals. I guess I'll call RCBC to try and confirm.

Update: Yes, RCBC confirmed that the card has to be swiped in an RCBC terminal for the rebates to be awarded. Apparently the reason not a technical/technology, but due to merchant and bank discretion.

It still kinda sucks because some cashiers can be cavalier about using a different terminal, unmindful of the rebates.

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  1. Plano ko rin mag-apply nyang card na yan sir carlos kasi lagi ako sa landmark nag-grocery.
    IT ka nga sir, yang backing & backend sa mga webdev ko naririnig.

    1. Hi Grace,


      Kung mag-apply ka, kailanga mo muna mag open ng time-deposit sa RCBC. Pero sabihan mo dn sila na para yung sa Landmark Anson's card. Tapos siguraduhin mo dn na naka specify dun sa form (may checkbox or blank ata, di ko na sure).

      masakit sa ulo pag hindi ganun:D hehehe