5 Practical Saving Tips for the Day of Hearts

One memorable advice I heard from a co-worker years ago: Don't court a girl during the last months of the year. In fact, wait until the first few months of next year is over.

Why? 'Cause if you court them around October or November, you're on the hook for some big events - and expenses! Christmas gifts, Three Kings (if you/she still does that), and of course Valentine's; not to mention having to come up with something to do that's not-too-intrusive-but-not-too-aloof during All Souls' day, long weekends, and maybe even Holy Week.

A whole lot of work and money invested for a polite "no" (at least if you didn't believe her the first time she turned you down).

I thought it was funny, and it was meant to be so. Of course, people don't follow it; the "opportunity cost" is also pretty steep.

Thankfully, Valentines need not be expensive. And aside from my old advice, here are 5 more Valentine's savings tips from Kyle Kam of MoneyMax.ph.


Valentine’s day is drawing near! Couples are planning on dates and getaways left and right. These things cost money, however, so how's your wallet holding up? If you planned smart, you wouldn't be spending too much on V-Day. But if you don’t think you did... how do you save up before the big Day of Hearts?

1. Advanced Booking

Booking restaurants, hotels, airfare, beach lodgings and so forth will be much cheaper when you book in the off-season. Awesome summer destinations that are near in Manila are also ideal for couples who are dying for an urgent vacation from work. Getting reservations way ahead of time means that there isn't a lot of competition, and that you'll have lower rates than when you book close to February 14. Plus, you'll have a guaranteed table, seats, or rooms when you book early because there won't be large crowds competing with you!

5 Practical Saving Tips for the Day of Hearts

2. Breakfast in Bed

Although this actually works best for husbands and wives and couples who live together, why not, right? Wake up extra early and prepare your wife or girlfriend's favorite breakfast food, serve it on a nice tray with a cup of coffee just how she likes it. You can even put a simple vase of her favorite blossoms, some fruit and a love note to make her feel extra special. It's simple and easy to do, and you won't even have to spend a lot!

3. Dine-In

If you're not a fan of breakfasts in bed, why not cook dinner (or lunch, or heck, even brunch!) and stay at home? Buying fresh ingredients from the local grocery or market can help you reduce restaurant costs by a mile, so your wallet and credit card will thank you for not using it at an expensive fancy restaurant.

You can also personally decorate the dining room to look romantic—scented candles, incense, and rose petals on the table can set a really romantic mood for the two of you! Play some Michael Buble (or her favorite romantic songs) just before the meal to get some slow dancing in for some bonus romantic points, too.

There’s bound to be heavy road traffic during Valentine’s Day, so staying indoors with the love of your life can save you the hassle of getting stuck at EDSA. That way, you won’t have to miss your reservations or get your romantic mood dampened by having to wait in a long line for a cab!

4. Hand-made Gifts

Alright, it sounds cheesy, but nothing says “I love you” than something you made yourself! Instead of buying greeting cards, why not write her a letter telling her the many ways you love her? Show your true feelings by making a personalized Valentine’s card. It doesn’t have to be extravagant and glittery, too! As long as you put all your love into it, it will show on your gift, and your significant other will appreciate you more.

5. Use a Piggy Bank

If you really want to save before Valentine’s day, make sure to do it months before the date! Use a piggy bank and drop loose change in it every day. Coins in your pocket? Drop it in the piggy bank. Change from buying snacks at the sari-sari store across the street? Into the piggy bank it goes! Extra lunch money? Piggy bank! Christmas bonus? Put some in the piggy bank, too!

This way, you get to accumulate money little by little. By the time it’s Valentine’s Day, you would have saved a lot for a really nice date at her favorite restaurant. You might even have enough for a nice ring for her (wink wink!).

There are other ways to save up before the big V-day, you’ll just have to get creative! Don’t be scared to suggest going dutch, or having a date budget! Can’t think of other ideas? Give her practical gifts that she can use every day. If she has a car, get her comprehensive car insurance. If she likes staying fit, get her a pull-up bar she can fix to a doorway. If your girl loves to cook, why not get her a new oven or baking utensils?

Trust us, she’ll know if put a lot of effort in thinking up of a present that you hope she’d love. Have a meaningful Valentine’s!


Kyle Kam is an online marketing specialist for Moneymax.ph, the Philippines’ leading financial comparison website. Whenever he’s not working, he’s busy at home watching MMA videos the whole day. You may follow him on Twitter @undisputedkyle

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