So I've Got A VUL, What Now?

So I've Got A VUL, What Now?  Once you get one, VUL, typically charge very high fees or penalties before you can "get out". That's why I am personally biased against VULs. But if you already have one, the best option is to stick with it.  The choices are a little limited, but at least you're already insured and have an investment.
One of the most read posts of this blog is the one about my personal opinion why people should not get a VUL.

Which feels really great. I wrote that specifically to make a dent against the constant barrage of VUL salestalk. There's practically an army out there pushing VULs. Which is not bad, people need insurance and investments. It's just that most of the time, in my opinion, it's recommended and sold not because of the client's best interest but because it gives higher commissions than the other insurance products.

The relatively minor downside, is that I might be alarming or maybe even panicking some people who already bought a VUL. I've already gotten several comments, emails, and facebook messages regarding it.

So in this post, I'd like to share what you can do it you already have a VUL.

On College Scholarships

For some reason I tend to follow U.S. political news almost as much as our own politics (which isn't saying much; I'm almost never up to date).

One thing I find interesting is that there's always a big fuss about student loans. Over here, the fuss is usually about tuition fee hikes (high; every year) and scholarship usually means dole-outs from politicians.

So I was really surprised to learn that CHED has a Study Now Pay Later program. And since the two most common investing goals are retirement and college education, I thought it would be a good idea to write about scholarships.

7 Different Ways To Buy Your Own Home

7 Different Ways To Buy Your Own Home
Just like most people, having my own home is one of my life goals.

And usually, when we say that, we think of it as buying a house. That's the dream, at least. But when you start planning for it, you realize it can take many forms.

Superficially that means a choice of House, Condo, or Townhouse (or Duplex). I say superficially, because although you would have your own preference of those choices,what you will really need to prepare for is the way you would acquire it.

That's weird

I've previously blogged about rebate credit cards. And you may know that I've got a Landmark Anson's card from RCBC.

And if you've ever used a credit card, you would know that the bank name on the credit card slip isn't always the same as the issuer of your credit card. It depends on which terminal they swiped your card.

So I was buying groceries a few weeks ago and the cashier asked me if it was ok to swipe it at a different terminal since the RCBC one was offline. I said sure. I mean, it made no difference and I though it was weird that they even asked. I thought maybe it was some sort of customer care SOP.

5 Practical Saving Tips for the Day of Hearts

One memorable advice I heard from a co-worker years ago: Don't court a girl during the last months of the year. In fact, wait until the first few months of next year is over.

You vs Warren Buffet

I came across this infographic and while I don't think its productive to measure up your finances against a billionaire, some of the investment advice at the bottom is insightful or at least useful.

(warning: It's a huge file. It may take some time to load. ...or cost you a lot of money if you're on a mobile without an unlimited data plan.)

On Taxis and Apps

On Taxis and Apps
I blog about saving money, but to be honest, I've ridden my fair share of taxi cabs over the years.

So I know that places like Muntinlupa (near town center and near south station/festival mall) have a horrid taxi line where they just contract the price upfront - at least twice as much as you would normally pay compared to a meter.

Taxi lines in places like Makati are relatively more agreeable. Unless you're headed outside of Makati, in which case they often ask you for a fixed amount in addition to a meter.

One particular day, I agreed to a driver asking an additional Php50.


Health care is really important.

You've probably read it, but I think few really appreciate it. If you're prone to sickness you probably do. If you're like me, where most things pass after a week, sometimes even without medication (or at least that used to happen when I was younger) you probably don't.

If you're a parent though, you'll probably be so thankful that you'll not only appreciate it but also spread the word.