Declutter and Simplify

I haven't posted for a while. Because just like last year, the holidays have been so hectic. Not the least of which was finally being able to do some "spring cleaning" around the house.

Despite the limited space in our unit, it's amazing the amount of stuff that just piles up over time.

I had our car's free seat cover taking up much needed space in our closet. And my old, barely functioning desktop - and it's table! - was still crowding the unit and posing as a head bump threat. We have limited closet space and yet I had clothes that I never really wear.

So during the holiday break I cleaned out a lot of stuff.

I gave the car seat cover to my neighbor, who could use it for their taxi. I donated my unused (but still in good condition) clothes. And I dismantled the table and sold it to a junk shop, along with other recyclables.

Heck, I even "cleaned" my wallet and donated to charity. My wallet's probably the last place that needs cleaning, but it felt good anyway :)

Less stuff, more space (plus some extra change).

And for this year, that's pretty much my goal - declutter and simplify.

In my quest to save and invest as much as possible, I've managed to complicate my life.

For the first time in m life, I've got two credit cards - and even entertained the crazy though of having a third one - just to "maximize" the rebates. And my "morning routine" has a lot of non-essentials - reading up on lots of news and looking at charts because of my stock investment. And checking email! (I can't believe I have 4 accounts, including work and this blog).

It's so busy that I've had very little time to blog or learn more about investing over the last few months.

So my goal this year is to learn new stuff about investing, and get my morning routine down to something that fits in 5 minutes. And that way, have more time to blog, make better investments, be more productive, and  make more money :)

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  1. I agree..

    Me too, I have too many stuff that basically I don't use.

  2. Good for you! This year, some of my goals involve de-cluttering, organizing and simplifying my life, too. :)

  3. It seems like there's a lot of us with the same goal. I guess it's because life these days is usually so busy.