Digital Christmas?

So, like a lot of people on earth, I was wasting time on facebook and happened to come across a post from about 10 shocking predictions for 2015.

It didn't really seem that shocking, to be honest. Most if not all were current trends, just taken to an extreme conclusion.

Specially the one about online shopping.

It's been growing for years now. I remember friends trying it out for the first time around ten or fifteen years ago.

Me and my wife actually bought her breast pump online. It was nearly half the retail price here. And that's when buying online from U.S. and paying to have it shipped directly to you.

(Tip: if you want to buy from, you need a U.S. address. But you can also use sites like Setup an account, have Amazon deliver to PObox's U.S.  warehouse, and then have PObox ship it to you. The downside is it'll take a couple of months or so. But you could save big if you can afford to wait.)

There's also lots of "local" online stores like OLX and Ayosdito. I haven't tried them myself, though.

But I have tried Zalora. Well, ok my wife has - I just did the clicking. It's kind of like being in a mall.

Sure, you're in front of a computer. But the site does a good job of  keeping you clicking and looking. And instead of just saying the lower price (compared a physical store), it'll bombard you with crazy discounts, enticing you to think what a great deal it is and buy right now. Like I said, kind of like being in a mall.

(In fairness, it really was substantially cheaper than buying the same item from a physical store.)

It'll never take the place of physical stores and malls, though. I've heard predictions about that for years now.

The problem with that, is similar to what Fitz pointed out about the Starbucks planner. Malls are just places to hang out, and stores just happen to be there to separate you from your money.

I hardly ever see someone go to a mall just because they need to buy something. The hoards of people there are always with friends or family. Shopping in this case is pretty much a bonding activity, habit, or - during the holidays - a tradition.

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