On Bikes, Quality And Your Budget

On Bikes, Quality And Your Budget  In a lot of cases, bikes are a convenient and cost-efficient means of transport. And if space is at a premium, folding bikes become even more convenient; they don’t take up much space and can be stored conveniently. Of course, as with most things, quality is important when it comes to bikes. Especially for folding bikes which tend to have more parts (and by simple extension, more possible points of failure). So it’s really handy to have the Taiwan Excellence seal point out which bikes are really high quality.
I really love the fact that gas prices have been going down. It's a good deal for almost everyone.

It's already resulted in a lower minimum fare.

Retail goods shouldn't go up too much as well, because of lower cost of transport.

Were it not for the looming energy crisis, power rates could have been expected to go down as well.

And for a car owner like me, it just gives your budget some breathing room.

But actually, gas prices aren't the only big expenses when it comes to your car. The cost of just owning it is pretty steep. You'll likely need insurance, even if the most basic kind. In addition to that: registration fees, parking fees, maintenance service, replacement parts...

It’s still cheaper to take public transport. But of course, public transport here in the Philippines is not without its own hassles.

I guess that’s why there’s been some great innovations on personal transportation vehicles (segways, personal cars).

Oddly enough, the answer could be relatively old-school – bikes. Especially the folding bikes.

Your 13th Month Pay and You

One of the benefits of working here in the Philippines is that, by law, you get a Christmas bonus - your 13th month pay.

But did you know that you don't actually get your one month's salary? You wouldn't think so from it's name, but in almost all cases an ordinary employee doesn't actually get one month's worth of salary.

Digital Christmas?

So, like a lot of people on earth, I was wasting time on facebook and happened to come across a post from tahonews.com about 10 shocking predictions for 2015.

It didn't really seem that shocking, to be honest. Most if not all were current trends, just taken to an extreme conclusion.

Specially the one about online shopping.

3 Silent Traps That Hold Back Your Finances

A lot of threats to our finances are external - from rising retail prices, sneaky charges or big red signs(sale!) at the mall.

Some are more internal - something we do to ourselves without realizing it.