Are LED Bulbs Worth It?

I'm the type that likes to save as much as possible without "down-grading". So when we moved in to our new place (still renting) about two years ago, one of the first things I did was to close the water valve a little bit to conserve water and switch to LED bulbs.

So now, I'm wondering if the LEDs were worth it...

And it seems like no, it probably isn't yet. I probably didn't lose money, but only because of the warranty.

A 9-watt CFL bulb is "equivalent" to  7-watt bulb, so the actual savings isn't too much (although that 7-watt LED might be a few lumens brighter than the 9-watt CFL).

That small savings can add up to a lot if you use a lot of lights (like in malls and offices). Or if enjoyed over a long period of time.

However my Omni LED bulbs lasted just a little over 1 year. I'm not sure why; there was nothing unusual with the way we used it or where it was placed. Two of the three I initially bought already broke down.

Fortunately they came with a 3-year warranty, so I just exchanged them for new ones without paying anything.

I'd probably still buy LED bulbs in the future, though. The price has gone down even more (it had already gone down a little when I first bought it). In addition, the newer LEDs seems to be a few lumens brighter than the older models (of the same wattage).

But I'm only willing to do that because I saw another brand that has a 5-year warranty.

So right now, LEDs are probably like Solar panels. Great ideas, but maybe not that practical an option for ordinary people just yet. Hopefully that changes soon.

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photo credit: nhuisman via photopin cc


  1. I'm planning to change our bulbs next year, medyo nagmura na ngayon compared sa mga unang labas. Still comparing brands whenever I go to the hardware stores.

    Sir Carlos, thanks for the reply ha :)

    1. Hi Grace,

      Sure, no problem!

      It's good to compare. I thought initially that Akari was nice but not great (but never got to verify that), and that Omni was good quality already (apparently not so great).

      I also tried another - LedTec (or something like that), but was even lesser quality than Omni. The one with the 5-year warranty I think is GES. Maybe next time I'll try that (Or Philips, idk).

  2. Hi Sir Carlos. I'd just like to verify if the lower-watt LED bulbs really have the same brightness as their equivalent CFLs (which have higher watts)? Thanks!

    1. Hi My,

      Yes, and you can check by reading the label. The brightness is measured in lumens, and the CFL and LED bulbs both display the lumens produced by each bulb.

      A 7-watt LED is similar to a 9-watt CFL, Around 600 or so lumens (I forgot the exact number).

      So a 9-watt LED will be brighter than a 9-watt CFL.