On gadgets and goals

Last week was a little tough.

It started with my phone's sim dying. But that's not a big deal. Last time I had to buy a new prepaid sim. This time I got it replaced for free (postpaid; plan zero!), I just needed to report it to globe.

But then my PC sorta died too. It kept shutting down after 10 or 15 minutes. That isn't as small a problem. Last time that happened to me I had to replace the CPU - and the motherboard since the new CPU wouldn't fit my old motherboard.

To make it more interesting I noticed my phone now has about half the battery life it used to have. It won't last 24 hours even with only reasonable usage.

They're both around at least 5 year's old, so it's not a total surprise they're breaking down. I just wish they didn't do so at pretty much the same time!

But then last week, my MEG shares where shooting through the roof. I had a pretty decent profit! And just in the nick of time, it seemed.

I thought about cashing out and "fixing" my little gadget problems. But I was very reluctant to do so. I never meant the fund for gadgets; I was hoping it could be used for downpayment on a house or capital for a business.

But 5 years ago, that would not have been the case. I saved and saved but I never really had a goal for my money, so it was easy to spend it whenever something "important" or "urgent" came up.

But this time, I just tried hard to find a CPU fan (and I actually did!), bought some thermal paste and got my PC to work again. It's not in great shape, but I'll just start another fund for it's "upgrade".

And since I'm mostly at work or at home, the phone's battery life isn't a big problem. I just need to make sure it's fully charged before heading out anywhere. I'll just save up for a replacement too.

But 5 years ago it would have been very tough for me to  make those decisions. I mean, I've got money now, and they need to be replaced... so why not spend it now, right? It would have been very tough for me to not spend the money.

But having goals for my investments and savings clears things up a lot, so last week was thankfully only a little tough.

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photo credit: JoshNV via photopin cc


  1. advantage pa rin talaga sir carlos kasi marunong kayo sa trouble shooting ng PC nyo, galing :)

    1. Hi Grace!

      hehe onga, ayus dn pag may alam butingtingin hehe