How To Do A Fun Staycation

How To Do A Fun Staycation. Staying home during holidays and long weekends has been more popular than it used to be. But it doesn't have to be boring. And really, does it have to be your house?
Staycations are in vogue; I remember a time when people thought it was boring that I spent my summers or holidays at home.

Nowadays, because of traffic, high prices and the generally more hectic pace of life, staying at home is a lot more attractive.

But it doesn't have to be boring. And really, does it have to be your house?

Sure travel is to be avoided, but if it's your neighbor, nearby friend, or relatively near-ish relative, the (hopefully) slight travel can be excusable and well worth it.

So yeah, basically go for a house party. (Which is still cheaper, and can be just as fun - maybe even more so - as an out of town vacation.)

Reverse Food Trip

For foodies, this can be a a great experience without having to travel to far off places.

It's basically potluck with a twist. Just have people bring a certain specialty dish. It could be their own home-cooked, family recipe or just something their place is known for.

You could even have a cook-out (or cook-off!:), with every guest bringing something and taking turns in the kitchen.

Video game tournament

There's a ton of online games to choose from. And most, if not all, gaming consoles these days let you play online with your friends.

It may not even need to be in the form of a tournament. Just going through some of the more lengthy and challenging campaigns would suffice.

Travel would be totally unnecessary, though it can potentially add to the experience. Sitting right next to your opponent as you knock him out in Fight Night while your friends watch can be very fun. Same goes for shouting and trash talking as you play against (or even with) each other in NBA2k.

The Classic Videoke Night

The classic staycation (and even vacation) activity for most Filipinos.

Know anyone with a videoke? Or magic sing? Bingo! That's your entire night. Nothing else required.

Movie night / PPV at home

A lot of establishments show boxing matches or playoff games, to get sports fans to spend their money on them instead of being home watching the same thing on TV.

To a certain extent, it does have advantages. Food is great, fans of either side are present, and the atmosphere is quite different than watching it at home.

The advantage isn't unique however. Simply crashing at a friend's house and bringing food (and beer!) achieves pretty much the same result.

Movie/Series Marathon

Yeah ok, it's not a real event. Unless someone has a really big screen tv, and maybe a lazyboy or two :D

But even without those, it's not a bad back-up plan.

If you don't like any of those, or would like something more cozy there's still  a lot of things you can do. You could try some new recipes, play games, watch movies, read that book you've been meaning to for some time now, do some landscaping... These days there can be as much to do at home as outdoors.

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Full Disclosure: I don't really go for house parties; but I have been a "staycationer" pretty much my whole life.

photo credit: Brian Rendel via photopin cc

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