7 Non-traditional Investments You Can Start Even If You Don't Have SSS, TIN, or a Birth Certificate (yet)

7 Non-traditional Investments You Can Make Even If You Don't Have  SSS, TIN, or a Birth Certificate (yet): Forex, Networking or MLM, Paid Online Surveys, Blogs, Affiliate Programs, Digital Stores, Web Hosting Resellers.
First, it's very important to note that having an SSS and TIN is... well, very important.

SSS will improve your future, and it's important to pay the proper taxes. And a birth certificate is usually required to get either one.

For most, if not all, employees that is not a problem. Employers often help them acquire these, or at least give them time to do so. The self-employed, freelancers, enterprising students, and the less affluent residing in provinces (or even in the metro) aren't as lucky though.

However, just because you don't have the right documentation right now doesn't mean there's not much else you can do in the meantime.


It's a very high-risk investment. And it's more like an income opportunity rather than an investment. That is, you can make money trading, but it's not something that you buy and hold because it appreciates in value.

Of course, it's important to learn about forex trading and knowing how to choose a good broker first before jumping in with both feet.

Networking / MLM

Not my thing personally, but that's because I'm not sales-oriented nor much of a people-person.

There are a lot of legitimate networking opportunities out there. But first, check that it's legitimate. If it is, think if the products are something you can sell and you would not just be depending on recruiting "downlines" to make money.

Reseller Web Hosting

Basically, this is buying bandwidth and hard disk space wholesale, and then selling them for a profit.

It's a potentially lucrative endeavor since every site or blog on the web needs hosting. But you'll also have to attract clients and differentiate yourself from competitors.

However, while you may not need a TIN before starting this business, you'll eventually need one so as not to run afoul with the BIR.

Paid Online Surveys

If you have internet access and a little spare time, this is something you can do. There's also no real need to pay to join - as long as you know which sites give out paid surveys. Otherwise, you may need to "invest" in signing-up with a site that lists which surveys give rewards.

(For more on this topic, read my post on paid online surveys. It also has links to paying surveys, so you can try them out yourself without paying anything.)


If you like writing and sharing your thoughts, you can make money through blogging. Of course it would be better for a more experienced (and profitable) blogger to give you tips on how to do it

However, you'll probably need a TIN eventually. Though not needed for ads from google adsense, nuffnang, etc. some advertisers may eventually require official receipts from you for stuff like advertorials or sponsorships.

Affiliate Programs

Kind of like blogging, but the main difference with blogging is that you're mainly trying to sell a product or service from someone else, instead of simply sharing your thoughts. If a blog has a specific niche, you could think of this one having a specific topic. Of course, there's no reason not to blend this with blogging.

Digital Stores

Jack Ma became a billionaire by helping people sell stuff online. Imagine what those poeple collectively earned to enable such a haul.

And just because the e-commerce revolution has already happened doesn't mean it's not lucrative anymore. You can sell stuff you aren't using anymore or maybe even buy and sell products. Of course, you would eventually need a TIN for this if you want to make it your business.

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