On Losing Weight And Saving Money

There used to be a time when losing weight was "in vogue" as summer approaches. That's not true now, of course. Losing weight is "in vogue" throughout the year.

It's been so prevalent that you're probably familiar with the fact that humans evolved to crave sugar and fat. That's because they are great ways to store energy, which was essential back when food was not as plentiful as it is now (and particularly when agriculture did not yet exist).

And that's pretty much why weight loss diets or exercise programs allow for cheat days (unless maybe if you're an actor about to shoot a movie... or tuna commercial...). It's pretty hard to just stop a behavior that's hard-wired in us.

Aside from that, people naturally gravitate towards certain foods. Some have sweet a tooth, others have cravings for fatty foods... or meat... or salty foods...

The danger is that all these foods are not only very tempting, but also very plentiful and accessible.

However, very rarely does one person really crave all these tastes. The way I see it, we usually have just one real weakness. We may enjoy all of them, and maybe crave all of them when we go on a diet, but probably only one or two will really make us feel miserable if we are not able to eat them.

So during cheat days, you eat those types of foods or maybe incorporate reasonable amounts of them into our new, healthier eating habits.

Losing weight - and keeping it off - after all, is a pretty much a lifestyle change (no wonder it's so hard).

And as you've probably guessed by now, it's the exact same thing with personal finance.

A lot of times, what we read or hear are focused on not spending, avoiding luxuries, and savings as much as we can.

There's a good reason for that, of course. We won't have healthy finances if we keep spending so much.

But if we want to be able to stick to our responsible financial lifestyle we're probably going to need to spend here and there to reward ourselves (or else have a heck of a lot of willpower).

And to reward yourself properly without going overboard on your spending, you'll have get to know yourself pretty well.

Find out what makes you happy. Don't sacrifice it.

Everything else could probably fade away without you noticing.

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