Can A Time Deposit Beat Inflation?

Can A Time Deposit Beat Inflation? The simple answer is, of course, "no".  But that's just the simple answer. Technically it's true, but you can change that.
The simple answer is, of course, "no".

But that's just the simple answer. Technically it's true, but you can change that.

Supply-side, Demand-side; Still the same coin

Supply-side, demand-side; Still the same coin.  When reviewing our finances, we should be careful not to trap ourselves in the expense side of the equation. Being on the look out for other income opportunities could be healthier for wallets in the long run.
Do you think parents start off at a disadvantage when it comes to financial decisions?

I've been thinking about this question for several days now. It started when I decided to have a few pictures of my baby daughter printed.

Critical Thinking and Meralco

You've probably seen this Meralco advisory before.

But let's examine what it's trying to say:
  1. Electricity rate is going down.
  2. Meralco contracted more power producers to make this happen.
  3. Basically, they are good guys.

But did you know you should be either angry, annoyed or, at the very least, confused by this advisory?


Ever played magic the gathering? I only ask because some otherwise plebeian cards become very powerful when used with each other. It's colloquially called a "combo".

In basketball, there's a similar thing. Teams perform well and win a lot, even with less talented players - as long as their skills complement each other. Sometimes the reverse is true, talented teams underperform if the star players don't find a way to maximize each other's strengths. This time it's called chemistry.

In business, the same thing also exists.

Can I Invest Before Or While Building My Emergency Fund?

That's a question you've probably asked yourself. And actually I struggled with it myself initially.

Someone asked me this question via email, and I'm sharing my answer here. Partly because it might be helpful to others, but mostly because it doesn't hurt to get different viewpoints and answers on a relatively complex problem.

But first, for better context, here's the question:

The Mindset to Succeed

"Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right."

Today I'd like to share this12-minute video about how important it is to believe in yourself - and believe in each other; and just how much impact it has.

On Losing Weight And Saving Money

There used to be a time when losing weight was "in vogue" as summer approaches. That's not true now, of course. Losing weight is "in vogue" throughout the year.