The Extreme Savings Tips

A collection of savings tips I bet you've never heard before!

Got health insurance? Check yourself in at a hospital and get free toothpaste, shampoo, que tips, soap, toothbrush, and even pillows! Wow, what a great deal right!? Just get your HMO to cover the charges.

Own your own house? Make a roof window - or let mother nature make one for you.. That way, when it rains, just bring soap and it's a free shower, care of mother nature!

Bonus: you won't need to turn on the light bulbs until night time.

Do you commute to the office? Do yourself a favor: Stop ironing the sleeves and back of your clothes. They'll get creased anyway, no one will know the difference.

Charge your iphone at the office! ...and ipad, macbook, psp...

Lunch out for free - the high school way! Make a list of all the friends you know that are within a short walking distance. Cleverly bump into them and ask for 1 peso - or 5 pesos if you want. They may not carry coins with them, so hit them up at their work areas. If they ask, just say you're just short a few pesos for something; make up an important or very boring sounding errand/bill/task. In the Philippines, nobody asks for their 5 pesos back.

Have a cook out - out of your house, that is and in your friend's house. Use their gas, herbs, ingredients and condiments... probably bring the meat, so they don' notice...

Pee in the dark. it's a huge target, how can you miss? don't be a sissy, no need to waste the electricity

Poop at the office - exclusively. Think of how many gallons of water you'll save off your water bill from flushing alone!

...if you're at home, poop in the dark as well. Why? 1. how can you miss? 2. What's there to look at??? So yeah, don't waste the electricity.

Air fresheners? What a waste of money! Just sniff out all the smell and it'll be gone in no time.

Is your office computer a laptop? And does the battery still work? If you answered yes to both, then while at the office and the laptop is still plugged in, for 2-4 hours (however long your battery lasts) don't work and instead browse around the internet, facebook, and do whatever else you do at home with your computer. Then, bring your laptop home (making you look like a hard worker in the process), and continue your normal work - while using battery mode. That way you get 2- hours of free computer electricity! score!

Happy April Fools!

(btw, really don't try any of those things. If you're really interested in ways to save money, just get my free ebook instead)


  1. Reminded me of Extreme
    But you know what? I don't iron my office uniforms. My technique is I don't wring them after the last banlaw. I just hang them properly. I save time, effort and money. haha

    1. Nice! haha I'll try that next time I do the laundry :D