Self Mastery 101: What Type Of Learner Are You?

"Know Thyself"
- ancient Greek aphorism

"If you don't know who you are, the stock market is an expensive place to find out."
- Goodman George, author and economics broadcast commentator

For me, self-mastery is a basic foundation piece to personal finance and investing (and quite a few other stuff too). So in these next posts I'll be devoting some time to topics that can help us get to know ourselves better.

I'm not a psychology graduate, let alone a practitioner, so take this with a grain pound of salt. That said, these are things I've picked up from trainings and team buildings, so they aren't entirely base-less or wild speculations.

The first, and simplest, is knowing what type of learner we are.

It's a long-ish 30-question survey, but you can get through it in 5-10 minutes max. Read each sentence and score yourself accordingly.
3 points - if the sentence often applies to you
2 points - if it only sometimes applies to you

1 point - if it never applies to you.

Afterwards, total the score for each section. But don't think about the results yet, we'll get to that later.


__ 1. You enjoy doodling and even your notes have lots of pictures and arrows in them.
__ 2. You remember something if you write it down.
__ 3. You get lost or are late if someone tells you how to get to a new place and you don't write down the directions.
__ 4. When trying to remember someone's telephone number, or something new like that, it helps you to get a picture of it in your mind.
__ 5. If you are taking a test, you can "see" the textbook page and where the answer is.
__ 6. It helps you to look at the person while listening. It keeps you focused.
__ 7. You had speech therapy.
__ 8. It's hard for you to understand what a person is saying when there are people talking or music playing.
__ 9. It's hard for you to understand a joke when someone tells you.
__ 10. It is better for you to get work done in a quiet place.


__ 1. Your written work doesn't look neat to you. Your papers have crossed out words and erasures.
__ 2. It helps to use your finger as a pointer when reading to keep your place.
__ 3. Papers with very small print or blotchy dittos or poor copies are tough on you.
__ 4. You understand how to do something if someone tells you, rather than having to read the same thing.
__ 5. You remember things that you hear, rather than things you see or read.
__ 6. Writing is tiring. You press down too hard with your pen or pencil.
__ 7. My eyes get tired fast, even though the eye doctor says your eyes are ok.
__ 8. When you read, you mix up words that look alike, such as "them" and "then" and "bad" and "dad."
__ 9. It's hard for you to read other people's handwriting.
__ 10. If you had the choice to learn new information via lecture or textbook, you would choose to hear it rather than read it.


__ 1. You don't like to read directions; you'd rather just start doing.
__ 2. You learn best when you are shown how to do something and you get the chance to do it.
__ 3. Studying at a desk is not for you.
__ 4. You tend to solve problems more through trial-and-error, rather than through a step-by-step approach.
__ 5. Before you follow directions, it helps to see someone else do it first.
__ 6. You find yourself needing frequent breaks while studying.
__ 7. You are not skilled in giving verbal explanations or directions.
__ 8. You do not become easily lost; even in strange surroundings.
__ 9. You think better when you have the freedom to move around.
__ 10. When you can't think of a specific word, you'll use your hands a lot and call something a "what-cha-ma-call-it" or a "thing-a-ma-jig" (or the classic Filipino alternative "yung-ano" with matching hand motions :)

Do you have your totals yet?

When I first answered this, I got 19 for Visual, 13 for Auditory, and 20 for Kinesthetic.

The sum, by themselves, aren't very telling. What's important is to see if one section is significantly higher or lower than the rest.

For example, in my case, the results probably mean I learn best through reading and workshops. But a classroom/lecture type setting probably won't be ideal for me.

What about you? What scores did you get? Leave a comment below and share :)

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  1. Result for me, 22 for Visual, 15 for Auditory, and 19 for Kinesthetic

    1. Wow, visual! It means you can learn even from just reading. Nice! :D