Self Mastery 101: What Does Your Type Of Learning Mean?

Self Mastery 101: What Does Your Type Of Learning Mean? Strengths and tendencies of Auditory Learners, Kinesthetic Learners, Visual Learners - Linguistic Learners and Spatial Learners.  And why knowing, understanding, and accommodating such differences can make a big impact.

Last time, I posted a quiz to let you find out what type of learner you are. So what does each type really mean?

Auditory Learners

  • Usually prefer audio books
  • Understands something better if they hear it
  • Often talk to themselves but speak slowly
  • They tend to learn by listening and verbalizing (and can also be better listeners)

Kinesthetic Learners

  • Can have trouble concentrating if they keep still
  • They do best  when touching and moving
  • Can be slow in making decisions
  • They tend to use all five senses to engage in learning

For Visual Learners there are actually two kinds


  • Can learn through reading and writing
  • Tend to be fast talkers
  • Can be impatient and may interrupt others


  • Usually have difficulties with written language
  • Prefers charts, videos, and other visual materials
  • Usually use words and phrases that evoke visual images

To end this post, I think it's important to mention that I know this might seem trivial or almost frivolous. But in practice, it can have a pretty big impact.

For example, all schools teach pretty much the same way - lecturing students who are supposed to sit quietly in their seats and giving them written exams. There's certainly some variety, but they're more exception than norm.

At the very least, we can at least understand and accommodate such differences in our children, brothers, younger cousins, work colleagues... heck, maybe even parents.

To expound more on that I mean, here's an 18-minute video from TED Talks about the Myth of Average.

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