Boys Break Things Men Fix Things

Boys Break Things Men Fix Things. In practically ancient times, boys (and sometimes even girls actually) watched or helped their fathers perform household repairs or improvements. Despite that - or perhaps because of it, I'm not sure - us boys would inevitably practice our busy fingers to satisfy our curiosities. Screws would be loosened, wood bars and planks would be shaved or cut into uselessness, and bulky gadgets of bygone days would be opened and disassembled until they refused to work. And yet as I think about it now, those same boys are fixing cars, repainting their condos by themselves, and even performing repairs on cellphones and other gadgets. But of course, plenty of others do not. For those that made the "leap", what has changed is not so much their skill or knowledge but their mindset.
At a mere 32 years of age, I already feel like part of a dying breed.

In practically ancient times, boys (and sometimes even girls, actually) watched or helped their fathers perform household repairs or improvements.

Armed with a bewildering assortment of tools, boys of yesteryears would help or watch their dads replace water damaged ceilings, replace leaky pipes, change oils on cars, replace broken faucets and a variety of other tasks.

SSS and You

SSS and You.   Learn why you need to be an SSS member and what the different SSS benefits are. But most importantly, learn why giving the maximum SSS contribution isn't always a good idea.
Last time, I talked about how being an SSS was a requirement for a better financial future. If only for the simple fact that it's a sort of gate to other (better) investments.

But since we're stuck with it, it's best to make the most out of it.

SSS Will Improve Your Future

I don't like SSS. One time in a Facebook comment thread, I boldly declared that if you have a choice (employees like me, by default, don't), it's not a no-brainer to "invest" your money in SSS. In fact, it would be better to forgo it and invest somewhere else.

The Progress Of My New Year's Plan for Q4

The Progress Of My New Year's Plan
I outlined some of my personal goals this 2013. In this post I'll be sharing what happened so far.

#1 Save and Invest - completed (technically).

#2 Learn basic business concepts - Right now, I'm reading Start Your Own Business from Entrepreneur Magazine. (I got it for free! ...Well ok, my wife bought it at Booksale for 180 pesos. But not for me; I'm just borrowing it.)

So far I've skipped past a few chapters to read about Inventory management. It's a universal aspect of business (though not exactly critical to the business I'm thinking of; see#3 below), but I'm interested in it because I might learn more about smart bulk buying if I can apply/transfer the concepts.

Self Mastery 101: Your Personality Type

Last week, I posted about the different MBTI personality types and how knowing your's can help you identify your biases and hopefully pursue more suitable investing strategies (or maybe better "corrective" behavior.

So I thought it might be a god idea to post about the 16 different types and the characteristics frequently associated with them.

Self Mastery 101: What Does Your Type Of Learning Mean?

Self Mastery 101: What Does Your Type Of Learning Mean? Strengths and tendencies of Auditory Learners, Kinesthetic Learners, Visual Learners - Linguistic Learners and Spatial Learners.  And why knowing, understanding, and accommodating such differences can make a big impact.

Last time, I posted a quiz to let you find out what type of learner you are. So what does each type really mean?

Self Mastery 101: What Personality Type Are You?

Ever heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality exam? You've probably taken it in high school, college, or maybe even at your workplace.

What does it have to do with personal finance and investing? In truth, it matters only tangentially. But personal finance and investing is as much about mindset and discipline as it is about math, technical terms and complex concepts. So it's handy to know yourself as much as possible.

If you know what type of personality you have, its easier to adjust for your biases. What do I mean?

Self Mastery 101: What Type Of Learner Are You?

"Know Thyself"
- ancient Greek aphorism

"If you don't know who you are, the stock market is an expensive place to find out."
- Goodman George, author and economics broadcast commentator

For me, self-mastery is a basic foundation piece to personal finance and investing (and quite a few other stuff too). So in these next posts I'll be devoting some time to topics that can help us get to know ourselves better.

I'm not a psychology graduate, let alone a practitioner, so take this with a grain pound of salt. That said, these are things I've picked up from trainings and team buildings, so they aren't entirely base-less or wild speculations.

The first, and simplest, is knowing what type of learner we are.