The Progress Of My New Year's Plan for Q3

The Progress Of My New Year's Plan for Q3
I outlined some of my personal goals this 2013. In this post I'll be sharing what happened so far.

#1 Save and Invest - Well, I've decided this one is completed (technically). So that's one down. I'd much rather the money went into a business or other income-generating opportunity, but it is what it is. Again, at least my simple dreams of owning my own house, having a car, and getting a generous amount of time for myself is slowly happening. (well ok, time for myself is actually going in reverse...)

#2 Learn basic business concepts - Still no progress...Really lazy...

#3 Research a good business for me - Well, freelance work didn't turn out so well. In hindsight, it's not like I had tons of idle time left over after helping take care of our baby and maintaining this blog.

However, since I do get a few minutes to spare here and there, I tried answering paid surveys online. No money so far, and I'm worried about the 800 or so I spent to get started. But since Ana has done it, I'm pretty sure at some point I'll at least make some money out of it if I just keep trying.

#4 Find out how large my capital needs to be - no progress.

3/4 of the year through, and the situation is just getting worse. It's probably time to revisit my goals. But actually a taxi business seems really appealing to me. Anyone out there ever tried it?

I guess I'll look that up this quarter, instead of just giving up.

How about you guys? What happened with your new year's plans? It can have gone that much worse than mine... Leave a comment below and share what happened! :)

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  1. haven't zeroed out my credit card debts yet. :( i still have 20 days to do it. I'm hoping for a windfall.

    1. Credit card debt is tough. 20 days? so you need to close it by end of month? Makes it even tougher. hmm... let's hope for that windfall then. Otherwise, you'll need a raket...

  2. Still slowly chipping away at those damn goals. With the upcoming bonuses, will finally be able to complete our emergency fund and by funneling my freelance money straight into our house fund, will have 25% of our target equity covered.

    I have to watch my spending though. Just the other day, Zinio (an online newsstand) had a buy 1 take 1 promo and I had my card out in a heartbeat, when I realized that I could barely read the 2 magazine subscriptions I had and there I was about to take on a third one. It's those impulse purchases that really get me, they look small and are such great bargains but do add up in time.