The Progress Of My New Year's Plan for Q2

The Progress Of My New Year's Plan - We can achieve our goals if we plan and act on them.
I outlined some of my personal goals this 2013. In this post I'll be sharing what happened so far.

#1 Save and Invest - Well this one is a bummer. I actually achieved my goal. But the idea was to invest in a business. I ended up buying a car. So I'm actually confused; is it a success (technically it is) or not (in spirit, it's not)?

But then again, my simple dreams of owning my own house, having a car, and getting a generous amount of time for myself is slowly happening.

#2 Learn basic business concepts - No progress since the last time. Lazy, huh?

#3 Research a good business for me - I've looked at franchises (costly) and vending machines (not profitable, or not profitable enough).

My best bet is to just take care of the business side while my wife bakes cakes and cookies - cheaper than a franchise, more profitable than a vending machine, flexible, and my wife already has the skills. But I already knew those things. The problem is it's still too far into the future.

In the mean time, I'll probably have to do some freelancing or pursue a side-business. 199jobs? Maybe Odesk? Maybe sign up with IMG and sell insurance and investments to all of you? :D  hehe

I'm gonna have to dig deeper into this.

#4 Find out how large my capital needs to be - Well, I'll need around 200K - 300K. Assuming I'm not going to franchise - or it's a cheap franchise. But I'm temporarily not pursuing that. And it's actually much cheaper to start being a freelancer or to purse an on-the-side job/business.

Half the year through, and the situation seems muddier than when I started. Life happens? I don't know, but this quarter I'm gonna keep focusing on #3, this time to come up with a side-business or freelance job. If I find one, the rest should be pretty easy to accomplish.

How about you guys? What happened with your new year's plans? Leave a comment below and share what happened! :)

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  1. I'm with you on this one. It's really hard to choose what business to venture in. There are a lot of opportunities out there that has the potential to retire us early. Like you, I'm still looking at the perfect business that fits my talents and skills.

    With regards to your question about this year's plan, my wife and I said that we will focus on saving for next year so that we could study together. There were detours along the way but we're steering our wheels back on track.