The Miracle In You

The Miracle In You; or why you should stop entrusting your problems to God and start doing things for yourself.   God's love is unconditional and that's why God helps everyone. And he has already helped us by creating us in His own image.  It's time for us to fulfill the potential he has given us and stop expecting that God will just provide everything.
I'm sure no one has noticed, and I'm equally sure nobody cares. But up to now, I've consciously decided to steer clear of any religious or religious sounding content.

The reason is quite simple: It's a personal finance blog. It's about money, numbers, common sense, discipline and motivation. Despite other sites or groups melding religion with money, I feel it's in your best interest if I don't correlate the two at all.

We have an abundance of churches, and no shortage of people who feel entitled to preach. In contrast, we don't have enough venue to teach people about money matters.

However there's a common behavior (or belief) among our pre-dominantly catholic population that irks me to no end and which I believe is a huge stumbling block in improving financial literacy.

God will provide; God will find a way; God will make a way; God shall supply all your need.

Those are some of the stupidest and laziest things I have ever heard.

It's meant to provide us strength in times of great challenge. But people seem to interpret it as a license to simply let God do the work.

The reason that's stupid and lazy is because God has already done His part.

Most people conveniently forget three important things: God helps those who help themselves, God's love is unconditional, and we are created in God's image.

I know that the saying "God helps those who help themselves" is not in the bible. And it's also - technically - wrong. The fact is, God helps everyone. But there's not much He can do when we refuse to help ourselves.

And every time we let God handle something for us, that's effectively what we're doing.

Because the moment we were born, we were given everything we needed to succeed. To suggest otherwise would imply that being created in God's image is somehow lacking or deficient.

Did you think God's love is conditional? That He only blesses you when you do something for Him in return? That He would only give you the capability to handle life and solve problems after you meet certain conditions?

The truth is God's love is unconditional. He did not wait for your prayers before He decided to love you. Sure, He's waiting for you to love him back. But He's already given you everything you need to succeed.

It's important to qualify that success may not mean being a billionaire or a rock-star. But it means ending up better than what you were born into. Or, for those privileged enough, leaving the world better than they found it.

Everything we need to make that happen is already inside each of us. We simply need to look within each of us and find that image of - and connection to - God and harness it.

Even a cursory look at any point in history will tell us that we are capable of great things. There is no limit to our potential.

And yet whenever we decide to let God handle our problems - or worse, our entire lives - we're not only limiting that potential, we're also ignoring His gifts altogether.

There's nothing wrong with trusting God's plan for us. What's wrong is that after making that plan for us, we expect Him to execute it for us as well.

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  1. such an intriguing topic.
    the beliefs you mentioned irks me as well when it is being subjected to literal interpretation and used as lame excuses.
    I also believe that its never about money,food or other sustenance, it much bigger than that.its about grace,strength,discernment,etc..
    nice post.


    1. Thanks Arnie!

      Yeah, i think it ironically shows a lack of faith. They have faith in God, but not in what is supposed to be His greatest work - themselves.

  2. Yeah, it also irks me when people say "God will provide" and then smile benevolently. By "God" they really mean their mother/ father/ relative/ friend or the government.

    I'm reminded of this joke about a father who was interviewing his daughter's fiancee which goes:

    Dad: What will you do for money?
    Guy: God will provide it.
    Dad: Where will you live?
    Guy: God will provide it.
    Dad: What about your future children's education.
    Guy: God will provide for it.
    Dad to daughter: I like this guy, he seems to think I'm God.