The Formulas For Making Lots Of Money

The Formulas For Making Lots Of Money. No, it's not a get-rich quick scheme. It's a look at the four main factors in trying to make money: Time, Effort, Experience/Knowledge, and Money (for capital or seed money). This post will check what combination of those factors are likely to work, based on what we can see in real life.
No, it's not a get-rich quick scheme. But it's at least a little bit interesting.

A while ago, I was browsing through the pinoymoneytalk forum when I came upon a thread asking if you need lots of money to make lots of money.

The answer was, of course, no. But a lot of people shared ways you could make money. And essentially you needed some combination of four factors: Time, Effort, Experience/Knowledge, and Money (for capital or seed money).

So it got me thinking, what formulas/combinations are there? And what real-life examples can we associate them with?

Well, the first is the easiest:

Time + Effort + Experience/Knowledge + money = money

This is the most basic one. And if you think about it, it's kinda like getting a normal job. You spend your time at the office, work all day, keep learning (and doing) new tasks (or get better at the current ones), and spend part of your salary to commute back and forth from home to office and to buy office clothes.

If you work harder, do overtime, or get really good at your job you get promoted and/or get a raise. 

Another formula is this:

little money + lots of effort + lots of time + lots of knowledge/experience = Lots of money

I think this is typically what happens with employees with a side-job or "racket". Something like selling load, your mom's/aunt's/cousin's baked goods, fixing things, buying-and-selling or doing a job at 199jobs or fiver.

The racket itself might not need that much time or effort, but having both a job and a racket means you're going to be spending a lot of time and effort compared to people who don't.

The great thing about it (compared to just spending that time and effort on your job) is that you now have two streams of income. And your additional income is directly dependent on you, unlike in a job where someone in your company will decide what is a commensurate to your efforts.

Of course, if you already have lots of money:

Lots of money + little effort + little time + Knowledge/experience = Lots of money

An example of this would be rich or high-salaried individuals employees doing stock trading or forex trading on the side.

Or, if you can give even more time and effort:

Lots of money + Lots of effort + Lots of time + Knowledge/experience = Lots of money

You could start a business and get potentially bigger returns.

You've probably noticed that in most things, you must either have knowledge/experience or lots of it. I tried thinking of a way you could earn without much knowledge. But it's basically tedious data-entry jobs online or getting into paid-to-click sites (which can potentially be scams).

The only way I could think of was:

Lots of money + Lots of time + Little Effort + Little Experience/Knowledge = Lotto prize

I can't stop anyone from trying, But it's much more likely to get struck by lightning than to win the lotto.

But I think it's much better to just invest in ourselves and gain the necessary knowledge and/or experience.

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  1. I'll try and formulate my own formula:

    Simple living + effort + delayed gratification = Moolah! :)

  2. I would opt for the one which equates to lotto prize, walah!


    1. Hehe I would too if it was relatively quick