Staycation Feast: Make Your Own Pizza!

Staycation recipes - Save money and make your own pizza
A lot of us go on staycations to save or to avoid the hassle of going out. But of course, that doesn't automatically mean we're going to skip the good foods we like. And for those of us who like pizzas, the choice comes down to either having pizza delivered to us or going out and buying it ourselves.

But did you know you can actually make your own pizza? Well, if you really like pizza, you probably already knew that already. But for those who didn't already know, I'm going to share a quick, inexpensive way to make and enjoy your own pizza.

Obviously, the intent here is to save money. But I'm going to start first with the expensive way to make your own pizza.

What you'll need:

1. Pizza sauce (Php93.00 per bottle)

The most important ingredient. It can greatly determine how tasty your pizza is. Imported, Italian pizza sauce (label is still in Italian!) is available at Landmark at 93 per bottle. And a single bottle is actually enough for 4 pizzas. It might be available in other groceries, just keep your eyes peeled - specially near the tomato sauce\tomato paste area.

Word of caution: After opening, the pizza sauce needs to be refrigerated, and even so, will only last for 3 days. So if you're throwing a party or really like pizza, it won't matter. But if you just want one pizza, be prepared to have pizza for three straight days, give some away or just buy tomato sauce/tomato paste instead.

2. Large Thin Crust pizza bread (Php141.00 each pack, pack contains two crusts)

It's not pizza if it's not on a pizza crust, right? I use the Village Gourmet brand, and get the Large Thin Crust variety for economical reasons - two crusts a pack vs 1 crust for the Thick Crust variety. There's also a Super Thin Crust version at Php101 - 2 crusts a pack, but too thin for my tastes. Again, they're available at Landmark, but I've seen them at SM groceries too. Look for them in the bread section.

Some are still in dough form (unbaked) and are in the frozen foods section. You'll have to bake them yourself and you'll need to put them in an icebox/styrobox or bring them home asap or else they'll spoil.

Some perspective: It's larger than Pizza Hut's personal size (in diameter), but smaller than the family size. I'd say it's around 10 inches in diameter, but I've never really measured it. And the thin crust is thicker than Shakey's thin crust - and of course thinner than Pizza Hut's thick crusts.

3. Cheese (Php102)

I just use Kraft Eden Cheese. The 450-gram box of cheese (the biggest size) is actually enough to make 4 pizzas. You can choose any other cheese if you want.

I just grate the cheese over the bread and pizza sauce. It'll melt really nice once in the oven.
Staycation Feast: Make Your Own Pizza! Save money by making your own pizza. A simple cheese and tomato pizza.
A simple tomato and cheese pizza. It tastes beter than it looks; I'm just not a great photographer.
And that's all you need for a basic pizza, the rest will depend on what toppings you want. But since those will vary wildly depending on tastes, let's check for a moment what this "expensive" option will cost us.

Since the pizza sauce can make 4 pizzas, and will expire pretty quickly, we'll assume we're making 4 pizzas.

Pizza sauce               :   93.00
Bread (4 thin crusts)   : 282.00
Cheese (450 grams)    : 102.00

That's a total of 47 for four pizzas. So each pizza will cost us 119.25!

In contrast a pizza of comparable size delivered to your house will cost around 350+. (But of course, when you use loyalty cards, the price comparison heavily favors the pizza shops)

But that's just a plain pizza without much toppings.You can add stuff like:
  • mushrooms
  • basil
  • oregano
  • bell peppers 
  • tomatoes 
  • olives
  • ground meat
  • chicken strips
  • bacon
Plus other stuff you might like. However it's worth noting that all the healthy, veggie toppings won't significantly raise the price.

The meat toppings will - especially bacon. But It won't really double the price, as half a kilo of bacon should be more than enough to make 4 pizzas and are typically available for less than Php100.

Regardless, it'll definitely come out cheaper than buying your pizza (assuming no loyalty card is used).

And there are still ways to make it cheaper:
  • Use primarily veggie toppings (bonus: It's healthier too!)
  • Don't go overboard with the meat toppings, just use what you already have
  • Buy the bread in dough form (just make sure you are able to refrigerate it right away)
  • Use tomato sauce or tomato paste instead of bottled pizza sauce. (To make it taste more like pizza: add onions, oreganos,and some other spices; the bottle lists them so just note them down)
  • Remember that having toppings makes it taste better, but too much won't really make a difference. 

What about you? Do you have staycation recipes you'd like to share? Share them by leaving a comment below!

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photo credit: JD Hancock via photopin cc


  1. I love this recommendation!

    I am also a "Staycationist". I volunteer and read all the books that I intend to read when I'm off from work or when my employer gives me a 2 week paid vacation. Its nice to stay around as oppose to the feeling of "wanting to have a vacation from vacation". Been there, done that!
    Vacation overseas is tiring and expensive so might as well stay.

    1. Yeah, I like staying home too.

      I'm pretty I could come up with other great food choices if my employer would give me more vacation time. Alas, they would not cooperate. :D hehe

  2. If you have enough time, I'd consider making your own sauce. It'll be even cheaper. The Internet abounds with recipes. I like mine a bit on the tart side. Also, I'm no familiar with Kraft "Eden" Cheese. Is that a mozzarella? But, from what I've researched it doesn't even seem to be cheese.