Valentine's Day Savings Tips

Valentine's day is just around the corner! From experience, the 14th will definitely be a very busy and eventful day.

And probably expensive too. Of course we don't really mind the expense when it comes to showing our significant others how special they are. But it need not be expensive to be a special day. In fact, it might be made even more special by spending less but working more to give that personal touch.

So here are some suggestions on how you can turn up the romance without torching your budget. And for those of us who might not yet have made any preparations, or bought any gifts this can work too.

Now, I'm a guy and most of these are ideas guys can do for women. They might work the other way around too. But you may have to tweak them a little (or a lot).

Gifts at her workplace

Expensive version: Buy gifts and have them delivered to her office (or home, if they're a homemaker or works remotely from home).

Special version: Decorate their workplace. Get some red art paper and make cut out rose petals, paper roses (green art paper for the stem), and a couple of pictures of her or both of you in some of your favorite places or past romantic getaways. Or you can buy actual roses and deliver them yourself.

(Works if you either work at the same place, have access to their office, or have friends at her office that can help you out. Worst case: wait at the reception area with some flowers.)

Valentines Card

Expensive version: The best you can find from Hallmark. Or, if you're going all out, have a printing company or a company that makes business cards and wedding invites make one specially for you.

Special version: What else? Make it yourself. Don't worry if you aren't the artsy type, you can google it and just copy the one you think she'll love.

Romantic Dinner

Expensive version: Any nice restaurant. Or, if you're going all out, you can hire a chef to cook a fabulous dinner (a five course meal I think).

Special version: Have a romantic, candle-lit dinner on white table cloth - at home! :) With a meal you cooked yourself - or your friend/mother/mother-in-law/long-lost-relative cooked for you, in case your cooking skills aren't up to par. But you don't need to be a great cook, just good enough to whip up her favorite dishes.

Romantic Gift

Expensive version: If expense really isn't a concern: jewelry.

Special version: Well ok, jewelry is pretty special. But there are a lot of special gifts that can be just as special. I read about a guy who gave just an ordinary notebook - but promised to write in it reasons he loved her - everyday! And it seemed to work real well, since it was the woman who was trumpeting it.

IOU cards / coupons (for hugs, back rubs, massages, etc.) are viable options too. It can be anything, really. Just think about the things she likes and put in some effort. Chances are it'll work.


They'll be expensive, there's no way around that. But there are several ways it can be less so.

  • Buy something other than roses. It can work real well if you've been a couple for a long time. After all, there's only so many years in a row before a dozen roses becomes just ordinary.
  • Check you local flower shop. Anything you order online (or buy at the mall for that matter) will come from a flower shop anyway; you might as well go direct to the source. Just be sure to shop around first. Check prices online, at the mall, and at other flower shops.
  • Do the arrangement yourself. When you buy a bouquet, you're not buying just the flowers, you're paying for the arrangement too. I don't know how to arrange flowers either, but we can always just google it. And if possible, just get flowers; don't buy the expensive vase or fancy wrapping paper. You can shop for a vase beforehand and maybe get something on sale. And the fancy wrapping paper is available at national bookstore or at any gift store. 
  • Buy early. Yes, you can buy it a day or two early. But be sure to pick flowers that haven't bloomed yet (for roses, that means the buds are still closed tightly), are refrigerated and have those small water bottles attached to their stems. And googling how to keep flowers fresh (and alive!) is a good idea too. Basically it involves cutting the end of the stem a little and immersing in just a little water and spraying a little water on the rose petals. But it's best to find out exactly how.
  • If you have to order online, order early. In late January, 12 red roses costs 1295. By Feb 1, it costs 1740. They're both for delivery on Feb 14. So ordering a few days early is already worth 445 pesos.

Celebrate a day early - or a day late

A lot of couples are already doing this. If mostly because the traffic is always horrible, and all the places are packed and over crowded.

And if the biggest holidays (Christmas and New Year) are celebrated the night before, why can't the same be true for Valentine's?

That's it for today. What about you? Do you have any savings tips for Valentine's? Share them below in the comments section!

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  1. or better yet.. don't go with the flow and celebrate Valentines Day.. strive to make each day like Valentines less all the expensive stuff. Leave small notes to show how you love the other. Do something spontaneous and free. If you really want to spend, make it a special occasion and not because it's Valentines.

  2. thanks for these wonderful ideas. unfortunately we were not able to celebrate valentine's day like most people do. :)

    1. Hi Mark! thanks for dropping by.

      So how'd you celebrate valentine's?