Ever encountered a taxi driver that didn't let you ride because he didn't want to go to your destination?

Or a taxi driver that insisted on an absurdly high fixed-rate fare, reasoning there was heavy traffic (but doesn't lessen the fare or revert to a meter when there is actually just light to moderate traffic)? - so common in Alabang Town Center and Festival Mall area.

Or the driver keeps driving like he's in a race, despite repeated reminders that his passenger is pregnant?

Or makes you fear for your life because a strange odor is making you light-headed? Or the taxi is so dilapidated it seems like it will break right in the middle of the highway?

You can report them to the LTFRB.

But you can also use this awesome site: Taxikick (

User complaints logged in the site are reported to the LTFRB at the end of the day.

And even better, you can see the plate numbers of the top offenders.

Thanks to Investor Juan for the tip.


  1. Thanks for this! I shared the site on my FB page.

    Btw, I added you to my blogroll. Great blog you have here!

  2. I'm gonna enjoy this site. :D

    Thanks for sharing this Carlos!