Invest In Yourself First

Sometime ago, I read a post in a finance-oriented forum. One poster was complaining how terms were too technical and confusing. The poster suggested that it could be very straight-forward. Just say how much money to put in and how much it will grow by when.

That would indeed be much simpler. Unfortunately investing does not work that way. Investments are simply opportunities to make our money grow. They aren't guarantees.

I support the idea that the "language barrier" between how investments are presented and what people without finance-backgrounds understand is a big hindrance. However I'm not sure the solution lies in changing the language of finance. Instead the solution is for us to increase our knowledge.

Let's think about it this way. If we were in a foreign country that spoke a different language, should we just depend on the locals to translate everything for us?

What if we would be employed in that foreign country and they would give us better wages for better work? Would it not be in our best interest to learn the language, and find out for ourselves exactly how we can perform better? Would we really just wait and hope someone would translate it for us?

Before, I didn't know much about investing either. I was confined to life in the rat race, with only the hope that I could hopefully save enough for the day I'll eventually retire.

Now, I'm still in the rat race. But I see tons of opportunities everywhere. And for the first time, my hope isn't about saving. Rather, its about being financially independent by making my money work for me.

That's what knowledge does - it shows you the opportunities rather than the hindrances.

So we owe it to ourselves to fill in those gaps; there are numerous resources with which we can do so. All it takes is some effort, and pretty soon, we'll be well on our journey to a better future.

Let's increase our financial literacy so we can spot the opportunities available to us.

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