Find And Compare The Best UITFs In The Philippines

Find And Compare The Best UITFs In The Philippines
Investing can be like shopping sometimes - you need to look around and compare which product will suit you the best.

When it comes to investments, 'best' usually means highest returns. For mutual funds, it's readily available online as pointed out previously in this blog.

And in this article, we'll look at how we can compare UITFs.

The first method is simple but tedious. Since UITFs are bank products, banks typically display up-to-date information on their own websites.

So if you want to find out how a particular fund is performing, you can go to their respective websites:



Metro Bank:

East West Bank:


Security Bank:

China Bank (look for "Fund Performance Report" in the upper right section of the page):


A little tedious, right? In comparison, a lot of - if not all - mutual funds can be compared in one screen here: There used to be a similar site for UITFs ( but it isn't active anymore.

But there is an easier alternative. We can use to view all the funds in the Philippines:

Choose the funds you want and click on them. Then, click the button "Add to Watchlist". You'll have to register to create a portfolio, but it's free.

After that, you'll be able to check and compare all your UITFs from one screen!

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