Sustaining Good Spending Habits And What Dieting & Personal Finance Have In Common

Sustaining Good Spending Habits And What Dieting & Personal Finance Have In Common
It will be summer pretty soon, and undoubtedly two of the most common topics we will read, hear, or see will be dieting and weight loss.

I'm not a dieting expert, but it seems to me that dieting and personal finance do have one thing in common: discipline. Sticking to your budget and sticking to your diet both require a strong will. But of course, it can be hard to maintain discipline when you're doing something that you usually don't -whether it's eating less, buying fruits & veggies instead of fast food or saving money.

And here's what I think we can learn from dieting and apply to personal finance.

The Necessity Of Risk And The Importance Of Diversification

I read an article a while back that really piqued my interest. It's a U.S.-based article, but the principle seems to be universal. In it there's a quote that really made me think.

Find And Compare The Best UITFs In The Philippines

Find And Compare The Best UITFs In The Philippines
Investing can be like shopping sometimes - you need to look around and compare which product will suit you the best.

When it comes to investments, 'best' usually means highest returns. For mutual funds, it's readily available online as pointed out previously in this blog.

And in this article, we'll look at how we can compare UITFs.

The Secret To Success

Today, I'd like to share a quick video about the secret to achieving success. And the secret is...

eating an apple.

High-yield Savings Accounts In The Philippines

High-yield Savings Accounts in the Philippines. What are high-yield savings accounts, which banks offer them, and what the interest rates are.a
Previously we've looked at savings accounts and time deposits. Savings accounts offer liquidity (being able to access your money anytime) while time deposits boast superior returns.

Everyone can use those higher returns, but not all of us are ready to lock away our money for various reasons. This might be our emergency fund, in which case we can't comfortably say no emergency will come up within the next year. Or even the next 3 months for that matter. That's just how emergencies are.

But thankfully, some banks offer us an alternative: High-yield savings accounts. And in today's article we'll go through some of the high-yield savings accounts offered by the largest banks in the Philippines

Invest In Yourself First

Sometime ago, I read a post in a finance-oriented forum. One poster was complaining how terms were too technical and confusing. The poster suggested that it could be very straight-forward. Just say how much money to put in and how much it will grow by when.

That would indeed be much simpler. Unfortunately investing does not work that way. Investments are simply opportunities to make our money grow. They aren't guarantees.

Knowing More About Mutual Funds

I previously posted what mutual funds are and how we can choose the best one for us.

For today, I'd like to share a video that explains all about mutual funds and why it's a good investment vehicle.

How to Choose The Best Mutual Fund or UITF For You

How to Choose The Best Mutual Fund or UITF For You
Mutual Funds and UITFs are one the easiest investments we can make. Even with limited knowledge or funds, we can begin to take advantage of a bull-run in the stock market, invest in government bonds or invest in the highest-yielding time deposits.

However, with so many Mutual Funds and UITFs to choose from, how do we know which fund is right for us? In this article, we'll look at some of the factors to help us decide.

Valentine's Day Savings Tips

Valentine's day is just around the corner! From experience, the 14th will definitely be a very busy and eventful day.

And probably expensive too. Of course we don't really mind the expense when it comes to showing our significant others how special they are. But it need not be expensive to be a special day. In fact, it might be made even more special by spending less but working more to give that personal touch.

So here are some suggestions on how you can turn up the romance without torching your budget. And for those of us who might not yet have made any preparations, or bought any gifts this can work too.

The Risks We Take But Don't See

The Risks We Take But Don't See. The reason why financial literacy is important.
A while back, I was riding a very overcrowded bus. And I couldn't help overhearing two guys talk about what I can only assume is a BPO company they're working for.

One guy was recounting how the company is now letting workers go if the client did not like the support work that they did. Now, it may seem like a rather cavalier way to decide when to let someone go. But what really grabbed my attention was that a BPO - a booming industry, from most accounts - was letting people go too.

And I remembered other news I heard at the time as well. A U.S. based company with operations here in the Philippines let 100 people go (though no one from the Philippines was let go). And an Australian-based company let go over 30 people from the Philippine office. And before that, about half a dozen people were let go in my company. And me and my wife, at two different points, came close to losing our jobs through no fault of our own.

This got me thinking. A lot of times, when we think of risk we think about the negative effects we might suffer when we venture out into new or unfamiliar territory.


Ever encountered a taxi driver that didn't let you ride because he didn't want to go to your destination?