5 Simple Ways To Take Advantage of Lower Gasoline Prices

For a while now, gasoline prices have been relatively low. Although you wouldn't feel it if you aren't a car owner.

Fares are still the same. And we can hardly expect noche buena items to really get cheaper as Christmas approaches. Of course prices in general are a little cheaper due to the numerous sales. But that would have been the case even if fuel prices had risen.

If you're a car owner though, it's a pretty nice thing that prices are down. It can give you a little more breathing room in your budget - until the prices inevitably increase, that is.

It's too bad gasoline prices won't stay low forever. But there are ways for this temporary rollback to benefit you permanently.

Are LED Bulbs Worth It?

I'm the type that likes to save as much as possible without "down-grading". So when we moved in to our new place (still renting) about two years ago, one of the first things I did was to close the water valve a little bit to conserve water and switch to LED bulbs.

So now, I'm wondering if the LEDs were worth it...

How do you teach your kids to save?

How do you teach your kids to save?
This is going to be my problem in a few years.

I'm not exactly sure how to do it. Even when I think back to how I was raised, it might not directly apply. I have just one kid right now, and I doubt we'll want to have more than two. So there's a bigger slice of the pie to hand out, so to speak.

I've found a lot of tips though, and that should help. I'm just not sure how to make them work.

The Progres Of My New Year's Plan for 2014

Personal finance apprentice The Progres Of My New Year's Plan for 2014
Ok, there's really no progress.

But between slamming into a wall with that possible taxi business, I managed to make some extra money here and there.

Buying a Quality Product Is Still the Best Way To Save

Like most people, I like trying to find more reasonably priced alternatives before buying anything. But I've found that buying a quality product is still the best way to save.

How to Get an SSS Salary Loan

How to Get an SSS Salary Loan  So how do you know if you can loan from SSS? How much can you loan? What are the Requirements when applying for an SSS Loan? How do you apply for an SSS Loan, if you are qualified? How can an OFW be an SSS member?
You typically don't want to take on debt, but when you do, it's good to be smart about how you do it.

Which is why you typically want to avoid loan sharks (5/6). And you definitely don't borrow against your credit card.

Unfortunately there are instances when banks won't lend to you. But if you really need a loan, at least try borrowing from the government through SSS (or PagIbig) before resorting to loan sharks (or even micro lenders, since their interest rates are also usually high).