On Expenses, Passion and Savings

On Expenses, Passion and Savings  In the end what matters most is that you are able afford the life you really want.  Sometimes that involves a lot of sacrifices, especially when it comes to expensive future goals - house, tuition, etc.  But it's not a bad idea to indulge your passions as long as your goals aren't jeopardized. Who knows, they might be expenses now but income streams in the future.
If you've read a lot of personal finance articles or attended seminars on the same, you've probably become aware of a few similarities.

For one, starbucks is a popular target. Inevitably, a quick summation of designer coffee expenses is bandied around.

After that, the "list" usually includes gadgets, shoes, clothes, and high-end (or high-priced) food.

There's probably a good reason for that. Keeping finances in check is the first step towards financial independence. You can't invest without money and how can you have money if you don't save, right?

But life is usually more complex than what we are able to verbalize. And the same is true in this case.

8 Traits of Successful People

We all want to be successful, right? But what does it really take?

CMAP and You

Last time, I wrote about the CiC and the possible new role our credit information and history will play in our finances.

However, as a source of credit information, it's not unique nor even the first in the Philippines.

For about 80 years now banks, credit cards and other lenders could get credit information from CMAP - Credit Management Association of the Philippines, Inc.

So what's CMAP?

The Credit Information Corporation and You

The Credit Information Corporation and You:  here's a Q-and-A style run down of what we can expect.
Last time, we tackled the establishment of the Credit Information Corporation, and what having an individual credit rating means for ordinary folks like us.

So now that it's here, here's a Q-and-A style run down of what we can expect.

Credit Ratings and You

Credit Ratings and You.   There's no credit rating here in the Philippines - until now that is.  The Credit Information Corporation (CiC) was created in 2008 by virtue of Republic Act. No. 9510, otherwise known as the Credit Information System Act (CISA).  It is a government-owned and controlled corporation that is envisioned to be the leading provider of independent, reliable and accurate credit information in the Philippines.  So what the heck does that mean?
If you're reading personal finance blogs and/or searching for finance/money related articles on the net, then you've probably seen ads or spam for it.

Get a free credit report. Know your credit rating - or fix it, raise it, or whatever.

It's mostly a U.S. thing (or some other foreign country like the U.K.). There's no such thing here in the Philippines - until now that is.

Protect Yourself From Pretexting and Internet Fraud

Protect Yourself From Pretexting and Internet Fraud. These days, thieves after your money are more likely to resort to pretexting (calling with a make believe story to get your info), phishing, pharming, email spoofing, and various other cans than to use the plain, old stick'em-up routine. how do you protect yourself?
My wife recently got a call from her bank. She was really busy and not much of the conversation registered with her.

Except for the fact that the caller was from her bank and was verifying if the email for her online banking account was still valid.

She said yes, the call ended, and a few minutes later she was very worried. Had something happened to her account? She had the vague sense it was because someone tried to access her account (though you can't really do that with just an email address)...