How Freelancers Can Make the Most of Their Income

Everyone financial situation is different, and this mean it's necessary to have your own approach to your personal finances. And today we have guest blogger Maricor to share with us tips for freelancers.

For freelancers, making the most of their income can be tough.

The main reason for this is because a freelancer’s monthly income tends to be incredibly inconsistent. On one month it could be a significant amount, and on another it could only be fraction of the previous months. This inconsistency can lead many freelancers to overspend on some months and have to borrow money on others.

While there’s nothing wrong with borrowing money, there are certainly better, smarter ways freelancers can manage money. If you’re a freelancer struggling with this same situation, perhaps it’s time you made a change.

Pay Off a Loan Early or Invest The Money First?

Pay Off a Loan Early or Invest The Money First?   Money gives me options, but is not necessarily an end goal. The rational choice can be the one where we don't end up with the "most" money but with a better set of options.

I've written before about choosing between paying off a loan early or investing the money. And I thought it's worth revisiting that as I'm about to make the same choice myself.

A few years ago I got a car loan. However, I didn't follow most experts' advice. I did give a little bit more than the usually required down-payment and sought the lowest interest available. But I got a 5-year loan. That way I could get the lowest monthly amortization.

Most experts' advice is to instead get the lowest loan total - that is, get the option that pays the least interest.

Not the most savvy move, specially for a guy with a personal finance blog. But sometimes numbers aren't what they seem at first.

Five Reasons Why You Should Buy Life Insurance As Early As Today

Photo credits: Geralt | Pixabay

Today we have guest blogger Carmina to share with us the importance of Life Insurance.

Which Is Better UITF or Mutual Funds?

I tend to get asked this question a lot. And the common answer is neither, both or it depends on the fund.

You can actually compare a Unit Investment Trust Funds against a Mutual Funds as long as they're both invested in the same asset class (ex. they're both equity funds). It doesn't seem helpful at all to draw a line between these two types of investment vehicles.

In reality of course, each has their own advocates. It's nothing like debating VUL vs BTID, which can be contentious. But usually people do have their own preference.

9 Financial Threats And Scams You Have To Watch Out For

"Ber" months are fast approaching. Unfortunately that usually also means more scam are headed our way.

Fortunately, today we have guest blogger Carmina Natividad to share with use tips on what to watch out for to keep our money safe.

In a society, where different faces of crimes are getting more rampant, you can't blame other people for losing their faith in humanity. Criminals give in to illegal doings and take advantage of other people for personal gain. These misdeeds can happen anywhere and anytime, and the scary part is each one of us can be a potential victim.

Now, let's talk about the "root of all evil," as they say - money. Financial fraud is one of the crimes we usually see on television. We witness how thieves have become smarter in stealing, and how their ways evolved from directly robbing a bank and threatening citizens to using digital platforms and technology for luring gullible victims and getting funds from them effortlessly.

Just to raise awareness and eliminate the growing number of victims, we listed nine fraudulent activities these smooth criminals might be doing at this very moment.


Not my GC. But apparently no one's ever taken a picture of Landmark GC.

A while ago I got a Landmark GC and was going to spend it in - well, the only place I could spend it in.