When Is It Okay to Show Off?

Today we have guest blogger Kyle to share some thoughtful advice.

There comes this inevitable point in your life that you might encounter someone who can’t help but show off everything they have, or maybe you’ve seen #blessed posts all over the place and wondered why these people seem to be more worried about how their social media feeds than anything else.

Showing off is attributed to wanting an identity, or wanting to be noticed for having something that nobody else might have just yet. Being showy is okay in some instances, and in other cases, it opens you up to potential risk. If you’re wondering when it’s okay to show off a little, and when it’s not – here are a few instances for you to consider.

Tax rip-offs targeting tax specialists are now on the rise: Warning from IRS

Tax rip-offs targeting tax specialists are now on the rise: Warning from IRS
Today we have a guest post from guest blogger Sam.

The IRS has issued a special alert for tax specialists against phishing emails sent by scammers where they ask professionals to update their information related to IRS e-services. Like all scammers, they too try to make it sound very convincing and assert that some particular user’s information has been embezzled and that the account must be updated immediately in order to protect that information. IRS has asked professionals to be very careful of the emails generated by the scammers which lead to a bogus website made specially to collect personal information.

4 Useful Tips on How to be Office-Frugal

4 Useful Tips on How to be Office-Frugal
Today we have guest blogger Kyle to share with us some valuable savings tips.

When you’re at the office, there’s always a danger of needing to spend – whether it’s for your own coffee, or when your office friends want to get out of the office for an hour and have lunch somewhere that work-talk is shelved for a while. It’s worse when they want to socialize outside of the office, because that’ll mean that spending barriers go down faster than The Wall.

If you’re trying to be office-frugal, meaning trying to cut your overhead costs on weekdays, it’ll involve shoring up as much willpower as you can to say no to a whole host of things. Here’s how you can get started.

Daily Habits That Can Help You to Maximize Wealth

I'm a firm believer that all the little things you do and don't do each day eventually matters more than the "big" thins that happen only once in a while.

And today, we have guest blogger Amanda to share the daily habits that can help us on the road to financial freedom.

How Freelancers Can Make the Most of Their Income

Everyone financial situation is different, and this mean it's necessary to have your own approach to your personal finances. And today we have guest blogger Maricor to share with us tips for freelancers.

For freelancers, making the most of their income can be tough.

The main reason for this is because a freelancer’s monthly income tends to be incredibly inconsistent. On one month it could be a significant amount, and on another it could only be fraction of the previous months. This inconsistency can lead many freelancers to overspend on some months and have to borrow money on others.

While there’s nothing wrong with borrowing money, there are certainly better, smarter ways freelancers can manage money. If you’re a freelancer struggling with this same situation, perhaps it’s time you made a change.

Pay Off a Loan Early or Invest The Money First?

Pay Off a Loan Early or Invest The Money First?   Money gives me options, but is not necessarily an end goal. The rational choice can be the one where we don't end up with the "most" money but with a better set of options.

I've written before about choosing between paying off a loan early or investing the money. And I thought it's worth revisiting that as I'm about to make the same choice myself.

A few years ago I got a car loan. However, I didn't follow most experts' advice. I did give a little bit more than the usually required down-payment and sought the lowest interest available. But I got a 5-year loan. That way I could get the lowest monthly amortization.

Most experts' advice is to instead get the lowest loan total - that is, get the option that pays the least interest.

Not the most savvy move, specially for a guy with a personal finance blog. But sometimes numbers aren't what they seem at first.