On Expense Planning

On Expense Planning   Spenders have another slight advantage over their thriftier counterparts: they can be less likely to end up having to spend a ton in a short burst to replace stuff.
If you read a lot of personal finance blogs, you've probably come across the thinking that while frugality is an asset, spenders have one big advantage.

They're more aware of the prices and can tell if something is real bargain and why something is as pricey as it is and isn't likely to be any cheaper.

As an infrequent spender, that's intuitively true for me. I rarely spend and the next time I buy an item I find that prices and choices have changed significantly.

Which leads me to a different thought: Spenders have another slight advantage over their thriftier counterparts: they can be less likely to end up having to spend a ton in a short burst to replace stuff.

Why do I say that?

Random Entrep Tales

Rags to riches stories are always very popular. But personally, I like the freelancer/own-business stories just as well.

In fact one of the reasons why I thought about possibly pursuing a taxi business is because of stories from drivers who owned their own taxi.

5 Things you Must Teach your Child about Money

For a lot of parents, teaching their kids good money habits is probably something they at least think about. I know I'm worrying about it. And today we have guest blogger Kyle Kam with some tips on how to do it.


Every parent should realize the importance of teaching kids about money while they are young. By doing so, parents can help their offspring establish good financial habits they can find useful later in life. This could be quite a challenge, but knowing the benefits it could bring in the future is very much worth the effort, plus the fact that parents can also learn and be more responsible in the process.

So I've Got A VUL, What Now?

So I've Got A VUL, What Now?  Once you get one, VUL, typically charge very high fees or penalties before you can "get out". That's why I am personally biased against VULs. But if you already have one, the best option is to stick with it.  The choices are a little limited, but at least you're already insured and have an investment.
One of the most read posts of this blog is the one about my personal opinion why people should not get a VUL.

Which feels really great. I wrote that specifically to make a dent against the constant barrage of VUL salestalk. There's practically an army out there pushing VULs. Which is not bad, people need insurance and investments. It's just that most of the time, in my opinion, it's recommended and sold not because of the client's best interest but because it gives higher commissions than the other insurance products.

The relatively minor downside, is that I might be alarming or maybe even panicking some people who already bought a VUL. I've already gotten several comments, emails, and facebook messages regarding it.

So in this post, I'd like to share what you can do it you already have a VUL.

On College Scholarships

For some reason I tend to follow U.S. political news almost as much as our own politics (which isn't saying much; I'm almost never up to date).

One thing I find interesting is that there's always a big fuss about student loans. Over here, the fuss is usually about tuition fee hikes (high; every year) and scholarship usually means dole-outs from politicians.

So I was really surprised to learn that CHED has a Study Now Pay Later program. And since the two most common investing goals are retirement and college education, I thought it would be a good idea to write about scholarships.

7 Different Ways To Buy Your Own Home

7 Different Ways To Buy Your Own Home
Just like most people, having my own home is one of my life goals.

And usually, when we say that, we think of it as buying a house. That's the dream, at least. But when you start planning for it, you realize it can take many forms.

Superficially that means a choice of House, Condo, or Townhouse (or Duplex). I say superficially, because although you would have your own preference of those choices,what you will really need to prepare for is the way you would acquire it.